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Last year the Civil Rights Museum on Wheels (CRMOW) went on the inaugural run of "Destination Diversity".The goal of Destination Diversity is to educate and enlighten; inspire and instill a belief that our nation's diversity is an asset to be understood and celebrated. Throughout the spring and summer of 2016 this fully operational 1950s era transit bus (click here to learn more about the CRMOW) used its advanced digital and communications technology to offer presentations and facilitate conversations centering around race and civil rights. By the time its 2016 journey was finished, the CRMOW had traveled over a thousand miles, stopping at schools, parks, malls, national and local museums, and city halls across this nation. At each stop along the way (sometimes with guest speakers getting on board as well) the CRMOW provided citizens (young and old) with the opportunity to explore America's powerful civil and human rights history. We are planning Destination Diversity II for the spring and summer 2017. If your organization is interested in the CRMOW making a stop in your community, call the CFSCHRL at (585) 271-6780.

Classes were streamed live on the Internet at:

Destination Diversity: Connected Bus Tour Makes History Come Alive

Education Week did a featured story on this unprecedented journey. Click here to read:

Because the CRMOW is equipped with the latest in next generation technology, the potential to communicate with others (via Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Snap Chat, and a large "telepresence" video conference monitor) is limitless. Click on any of the links below and see how we use various social media platforms to communicate while we are on the road.