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“A tough but truthful book about what’s troubling so many Americans and what it will take to bring hope back into their lives.”

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Commemorative Calendar 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

Go to this page if your looking for ways to get involved in the march commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.  On this page you can sign up to volunteer or just order special edition commemorative calendars, buttons, and t-shirts. 

I believe in creativity... I believe in...
What is it that you believe in which has made the most difference in your life? If enough of us share what we believe perhaps we can inspire and instruct others who may feel overwhelmed by similar challenges. Just knowing how you dealt with these challenges could be very helpful to someone else.
Visit Van Henri White, Attorney at Law Van Henri White, Attorney at Law
"So now [that] you know" you need a lawyer, click here to contact the lawyer who victims of violence, police abuse, health care neglect, and employment discrimination refer to as "The People's Lawyer"?
Visit The Legal Brief The Legal Brief
Not sure if you need a lawyer? But certain that you need legal information? Click here to get answers to some of the most commonly asked legal questions.
Visit The Center for the Study of Civil and Human Rights The Center For the Study of Civil and Human Rights Laws
Click here to learn more about the laws and leaders (past and present) which protect "the people" from intolerance and bigotry.
Visit The Grove Place Foundation The Grove Place Foundation
Sometimes the long term solutions to some of society's most pressing social problems can not be found in the courtroom (despite attorney White's best efforts) or in the classrooms at the Center For the Study of Civil and Human Rights Laws. Click here to find out what The Grove Place Foundation is doing to make our community better and to make these children smile.
Extended School Year
Would you support extending the school year into the summer for schools who have low reading and math scores?

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